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"The Pill" Linked to Two Types of Cancer

Women who take the birth control pill could increase their risk of cervical and breast cancer, according to a review of the research. Previously, liver cancer was indicated as a risk for women who take the pill, but the latest research shows cervical and breast cancer are also possible risks.

Meanwhile, a group of 21 scientists elevated the warning on hormonal menopausal therapy to "carcinogenic" from "possibly carcinogenic," and concluded that "combined menopausal therapy" increased the risk of breast cancer and in some cases endometrial cancer.

Around 20 million women in developed countries had used hormonal menopausal therapy, and, worldwide, around 100 million women use oral contraceptives. For more on this important topic, check out this past article on what's wrong with "the pill."

Yahoo News July 29, 2005

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