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Why You Don't Have To Pay For Software

Here's the thing about software for your PC: It's spendy. WindowsXP ranges from $100 to $200. Microsoft Office can run you $400. Photoshop Elements is another $100. Photoshop proper? Forget it. Six hundred balloons...

But if I know you, you spent the last three sentences thinking, "Whatever, you can get free software that does the exact same thing." Find out how a CNET reporter set out to see whether he could actually survive -- at work and home -- with a full complement of free software (other than Windows).

Where he started shouldn't surprise you, as I've been preaching to you about this for some time: He downloaded Firefox, in the form of the Mozilla Suite of free products, which includes Thunderbird (e-mail program) and a Web editor.

Like I told you last month, if you haven't made the switch -- and you want to avoid the security problems that are still a daily fact of life with Microsoft's Internet Explorer -- I strongly urge you to take a close look at Firefox.

CNET.com August 2, 2005

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