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Tension Headaches Cut In Half With Acupuncture

Headaches are so common, Americans spend more than $1 billion annually in the form of potentially toxic pills to relieve them. As you know, there are far safer methods for treating headaches, one being acupuncture.

A new German study published in the British Medical Journal (see free text link below) reports acupuncture can slash tension headaches by almost half. Even better, minimal acupuncture treatments work about as well as traditional Chinese methods.

Researchers divided 270 patients with similar headache problems into three groups (traditional acupuncture, a minimally invasive acupuncture regimen and no treatment). Here's how each group fared after a four-week followup, based on the number of days patients suffered fewer headaches:

  • Traditional Chinese acupuncture -- 7 days.
  • Minimal acupuncture -- 6.6 days.
  • No acupuncture -- 1.5 days.

There's no doubt acupuncture is effective, considering a recent study in which electrically stimulated acupuncture lowered blood pressure levels by 50 percent. If you aren't crazy about needles, however, you do have alternatives that can be just as effective.

In my experience, most headaches, particularly migraines, seem to be triggered by a food-based reaction to wheat, dairy, sugar, artificial preservatives or chemicals. Therefore, most migraines can be improved by eliminating these foods as well as eating foods better suited to your body's unique nutritional type.

Another powerful tool for headache relief is the Emotional Freedom Technique, the effective energy psychology tool I use in my practice daily.

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