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A One-Shot "Cure" For The Flu?

With the next flu season rapidly approaching, a British biotech firm claims they may have an easy answer. When it comes to flu vaccines, as you know, no solution is ever that simple or safe. Scientists from Acambis are currently experimenting on a single vaccine that claims to offer lifelong protection against every kind of flu strain

Currently, vaccines work by treating two proteins -- haemagglutinin and neuraminidase -- found on the surface of flu viruses. Because these proteins constantly mutate, however, drug companies justify the constant reformulation of new vaccines. Acambis researchers working in the States, along with Belgian scientists, have focused their attention on a non-mutating protein (M2) and other technology, yet to be disclosed to the public.

So far, the vaccine is being tested on animals and commercial use is a long way from reality (as much as a decade). News like this gives me another great opportunity to remind you that nobody needs a flu vaccine, especially if they follow my seven safe guidelines for avoiding it:

If you want to learn more about the harm vaccines can do to you, I urge you to consider my upcoming Flu Vaccine TeleClinic that will answer all your questions about this important issue.

BBC News August 5, 2005

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