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Famine Affects A Baby's Neurological Development

An interesting study in this week's Journal of the American Medical Association (free text link below) of a famine in China some four decades ago found malnourished women were more likely to bear children more prone to develop schizophrenia. In fact, children born during the famine experienced double the risk of schizophrenia, compared to those born before or afterward.

These results resonated with researchers because they matched the findings compiled after a similar famine at the end of World War II in Holland. According to researchers, this study supports their belief schizophrenia is caused by environmental triggers that can harm a developing brain.

What's so surprising and sad to me is that it took studies like these for scientists to accept that treating a mother's malnutrition could be the key to preventing serious mental diseases like schizophrenia. I was just as disappointed when I reviewed a recent study that showed how cancer can be treated effectively with better nutrition, as if it were miraculous.

It just shows you what we are fighting against: Profound ignorance at the deepest levels. Let me assure you, it's not as if most physicians understand nutrition and are in some conspiracy to hide the truth from you. If these scientists really understood nutrition, I suspect studies like the ones I've posted recently wouldn't be nearly as shocking to them:

Journal of the American Medical Association, Vol. 294, No. 5, August 3, 2005: 557-562 Free Full Text Article

San Francisco Chronicle August 2, 2005

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