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Flu Could Infect Half World's People In Year

Seems the conventional medicine machine is getting an early jump on the next flu season. Last week, I told you about German researchers developing a permanent, one-shot cure for the flu. Now, the media is preoccupied with an outbreak of avian flu in Southeast Asia that could infect half the world's population in a year.

Researchers claim it's only "a matter of time" before the H5N1 virus mutates in such a way that it becomes more infectious to humans. Some have even discussed various strategies for containing an outbreak, based on computer models.

Here's the part where a mega-drug company pounces on a perceived "problem" and makes a ton of money: Roche is in talks with the World Health Organization (WHO) about stockpiling Tamiflu. But isn't the WHO already aware Tamiflu is resistant to some flu strains?

Instead of being injected with a neurotoxin like mercury and risking your health, here are some safer steps you can take to avoid the flu:

Health Lies Exposed August 7, 2005

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