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Baby Boomers, Vegan Moms Need Their B12!

According to researchers, vitamin B12 deficiencies may be much more commonplace than originally thought. You know vegetarians -- and vegans in particular -- and the elderly have problems absorbing it.

It appears the same can also be said for patients on the younger end of the "baby boomer" era, namely those over age 50. During that period, a baby boomer's stomach lining thins out, preventing digestive acids from breaking down B12 from its food sources and being absorbed. (At one time, conventional medicine believed such deficiencies stemmed from pernicious anemia, the lack of a stomach protein that allows the intestines to absorb B12.)

In fact, 20 percent of Americans over age 60 have low blood levels of B12 which may explain why bone loss is so prevalent among the elderly.

Scientists also urged vegetarian and vegan mothers to get the right amount of B12 (more than the RDA for most adults), as deficiencies in infants can cause irreversible damage to the nervous system and serious developmental problems.

Folks, It is far better to listen to the body God gave you to determine exactly what foods to eat, which is why I recommend retooling your body based on its unique nutritional type. God designed your body to provide you with all the feedback you need to make the best choices. If that means eating nearly all vegetables or very little vegetables, it will become obvious once you begin to pay attention to what your body is telling you.

Yahoo News August 9, 2005

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