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Is Processed Food Really "Food"?

Last month, I reminded you just how toxic processed foods like potato chips can be. An essay I reviewed on the GoAnimal.com Web site (see link below) takes an interesting look at the conundrum many people seem to have when it comes to eating the right foods.

The writer offers some simple advice about intelligent eating that should be helpful the next time you travel to the grocery store: Choose food over food products. Eat all the food you want, but avoid food products whenever possible. And, if the food you're considering existed prior to the beginning of the 20th century, chances are it's probably beneficial or benign, at worst.

When in doubt, check the box, if there is one. Good foods usually sit in a bin or are stacked in a pile in your neighborhood produce section, not on a shelf in brightly colored packages that offer you a free SpongeBob Squarepants T-shirt just for buying them...

If you're worried about being able to find and afford whole foods in your corner grocery store, I recommend reviewing Colleen Huber's popular piece about doing just that and, on a budget.


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