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Death of Conventional American Cell Phone System

Without any doubt or question, the future of mobile phones are in dual-mode, cellular/Wi-Fi models (take a peek at the Motorola M1000 to the left). More than 2.5 million Americans have VoIP (voice over internet protocol) phone service right now and that number is exploding. Next year, WiMax will be widespread.

WiMax can transmit up to 30 miles. WiMax's greater range and higher bandwidth gives service providers the ability to offer broadband Internet access directly to homes without having to worry about the problems that can arise when laying down a physical connection over the "so-called" last mile, which connects homes with a service provider's main network. This will virtually eliminate the need for wired Internet and radically lower prices.

So you will have the ability to connect wirelessly to the Internet nearly everywhere in the country in the next few years. So rather than use your cell phone, you will connect to the Internet wirelessly and use VoIP as an alternative to your cell phone carrier.

Just as many people dropped their land lines nearly everyone will be dropping their cell phone carriers. The reason? Rock bottom prices. Just remember that VoIP has no taxes and, just like your home Internet connection, they include unlimited calls for your monthly service fee.

So you can call anywhere in the United States and Canada for one low monthly fee. If you have to call internationally the rates are typically 3 cents a minute. Compare that to the nearly universal $1 per minute or more for most international cell phone calls.

USA Today August 24, 2005

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