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Splenda Working Its Way Into Our Schools

If you've been keeping up with Splenda news through my Web site, you know the great sales job McNeil Nutritionals has done to make sucralose -- a sweetener that's anything but natural -- more palatable to the public, and lately with the help of the FDA.

Now, Splenda is invading our schools, thanks to a joint agreement with PTO Today, a firm that offers marketing, fund-raising help to parent groups serving kindergarten, elementary and middle school kids. The campaign will encourage parents and kids to use Splenda in preparing low-sugar treats for future bake sales. Some "perks" of the campaign:

  • Providing recipes for school bake sales.
  • Offering tips on how to incorporate fitness into a healthy eating plan.
  • Distributing a free bake sale kit, "Sweet Success: The Better Bake Sale Kit" for school parent groups.
  • Sponsoring an "Ultimate Bake Sale" contest.

It's another great move, among many, considering the average consumer hasn't a clue about the side effects of Splenda. And if you believe -- just because the FDA approved it -- Splenda is at all safe for you, I urge you to review my extensive testimonials page, chock full of heartbreaking stories about the toxic effects this artificial sweetener may inflict.

Splenda has been linked to a number of toxic side effects, including shrunken thymus glands (up to 40 percent shrinkage), enlarged liver and kidneys, reduced growth rate, aborted pregnancy and diarrhea.

Yahoo Finance August 23, 2005

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