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Battling Fibromyalgia With Acupuncture

Here's a new way to treat fibromyalgia, a frequently disabling muscle condition that affects more women than men, that has nothing to do with taking a potentially toxic drug like duloxetine: A brief regimen of acupuncture can give sufferers up to a month of relief from some of its more devastating symptoms.

Mayo Clinic scientists tested the effect of acupuncture on 50 patients who were moderately debilitated and hadn't responded to traditional treatments. Patients were divided into two groups: Those who received six acupuncture sessions and the rest who were given "simulated" acupuncture treatments over two to three weeks.

Although physical functioning didn't improve, other symptoms -- pain, fatigue and anxiety -- did, and especially among those who got the "real thing." The most dramatic improvements were felt by patients after a month.

But after seven months, the pain, fatigue and anxiety returned, prompting researchers to suggest scheduling ongoing acupuncture treatments may provide more sustained relief.

Other natural treatments for fibromyalgia:

Yahoo News August 25, 2005

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