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Kidney Disease On The Rise

You may recall a study I posted earlier this year about the epidemic of kidney disease in this country. Based on a 2000 report of the U.S. Renal Data System, kidney disease affects some 20 million Americans -- almost twice the number from a decade ago -- and many have no idea their health is at risk.

An interesting story in the Washington Post (free text link below) should shock those who live in the DC area, in particular, to get checked out for kidney disease: The rate for new cases of end-stage kidney disease in the 20019 Zip code alone are 44 times higher than the national average!

Race plays some part in this epidemic, at least in Washington D.C., as African-Americans are up to four times more prone to suffer from kidney disease (blacks also outpace whites in diabetes and hypertension, the leading causes of kidney problems). But that doesn't explain the far smaller numbers of kidney disease in Miami or Chicago where many African Americans live too.

In any event, you can lower your risk of kidney disease by avoiding these things:

Washington Post August 22, 2005

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