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The Obese Neglect Their Health in Many Other Ways

Although the obese are generally more prone to disease, a new study has found they're also less likely to take other routine preventative measures to protect their health too.

Based on information collected on some 10,600 adults (middle-aged and older), obese middle-aged white women were less likely to have Pap smear tests or mammograms during the past two years. Even worse, the rate of mammograms and Pap smears among obese women fell as their body mass index rose.

An interesting factoid: Obese black Americans seemed to take better care of themselves, insofar as having periodic health screenings, than obese white men or women.

Why do obese patients avoid the routine health measures? Scientists believe pelvic exams and mammograms are probably more difficult for obese women and painful. And, as we found in a study this past spring, the obese earn lower salaries than those who maintain a healthy weight.

The other falling number that should have people worried: An expected drop in the average American lifespan, thanks to the epidemic of obesity in this country.

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Yahoo News August 29, 2005

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