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Who Are the REAL Looters After Hurricane Katrina?

We have all seen or read of the looting going on in New Orleans as a result of the flooding due to Hurricane Katrina. Although this is not admirable behavior, many of these individuals are merely obtaining food to survive. Of course, there are others that are stealing electronics and alcohol, but the total they are looting is a mere pittance, folks.

So who IS doing all the major looting? The oil companies.

I am sure you have seen the price of gas has jumped 20 percent over already historic high prices. These companies are making BILLIONS off of this tragedy. Sure the Gulf oil production is down but how in any way, shape or form does that justify this price gouging?

It doesn't.

Perhaps, I am missing something here. I have run a business for 20 years and I simply can't see any reason to justify this increase other than human greed. I can understand a minor increase due to distribution costs but there are absolutely no hard costs these companies have incurred. These greedy oil companies are merely taking advantage of the situation because they can.

I am absolutely amazed that the public just sits there and takes this abuse. These companies are literally STEALING billions of dollars from each and every one of us.

These are the people the National Guard should be going after...

USA Today September 1, 2005

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