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Glaxo Joins U.S. Flu Vaccine Corps

Last month, I told you about the many preparations for the flu season to come in the works by the FDA and various drug manufacturers, namely rounding up more sources for deadly vaccines no one needs.

One more -- GlaxoSmithKline -- joined the pack Wednesday, when the FDA approved Fluarix for use by adults over age 18. Glaxo will produce 8 million doses for the U.S. market this season for the very first time. Even worse, the FDA gave Glaxo special treatment under its fast-track approval system, which allows the company to test the efficacy of its vaccine while producing it.

In other vaccine-related news, Chiron also passed the latest hurdle toward securing FDA approval to sell vaccines in this country Wednesday, after a successful inspection of its UK manufacturing facility in Liverpool.

As I said earlier, I suspect we'll be seeing a repeat of last year's "fear campaign" along with a vaccine "crisis" accompanied by massive shortages. But that dearth of vaccines will be a blessing in disguise, especially since you run the high risk of receiving one loaded with toxic mercury.

MSNBC August 31, 2005

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