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Getting Dirty Helps Your Immune System

If you want to know why I warn you about exposure to antibiotics being a bad thing, UK scientists have studied dirt to learn why exposure to it can educate your immune system.

Researchers believe a lack of exposure of dirt, along with common viral infections, could very well be behind the rise in asthma.

Interesting that many more medical experts finally recognize the "hygiene hypothesis," in which a lack of exposure to viruses -- thanks largely to potentially toxic vaccines nobody needs -- to viruses and other things has escalated the prevalence of asthma and other diseases. In fact, one scientist points out, knowing which dirt provides the best education could be the key to reducing disease.

Just so you're aware, exposure to antibiotics, particularly the processed meat you find in the grocery store, can be harmful and make it harder for you to treat common problems like urinary tract infections.

Science Blog September 4, 2005

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