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Win A Contest, Mutilate Your Body

In the vein of breast implant commercials invading the airwaves, thought you'd be as appalled as I was to hear about companies in the UK offering plastic surgery as the grand prize in various contests.

Thank goodness, one medical group, the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, condemned the practice, calling it unethical and dangerous. And a number of consumers complained to the UK's Advertising Standards Authority that has launched an investigation.

Sadly, one magazine company sponsoring such a contest called their "prize" a properly coveted one and a lifestyle choice made by thousands of women annually. Clueless, and not terribly surprising...

If you're not entirely sure how badly breast implants can harm you, I urge you to read an emotional testimonial by a patient whose life and health were saved after her implants were removed.

Good time as any to remind you, breast implants are a temporary solution to a deeper, long-lasting problem: A poor self-image that motivates women to have this surgery in the first place. A far better and safer way to treat this obstacle is to learn to deal with the emotions that may have led you to consider this devastating, health-harming solution by learning the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), a form of psychological acupuncture I use daily in my practice.

BBC News September 5, 2005

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