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Doctors Ignore Childhood Obesity Too

Add one more risk factor to the seven previously listed in a British Medical Journal study I posted recently: Doctors not talking to obese kids or their parents about all those extra pounds, according to a recent CDC report.

Based on a national health survey of 1,400 overweight children and teens taken from 1999-2002, less than 40 percent of parents (who responded for kids under age 16) and teens reported being asked about their obesity.

By the numbers:

  • Kids ages 2-5: 17 percent
  • Kids ages 6-11: 33 percent
  • Kids ages 12-15: 40 percent
  • Kids ages 16-19: 52 percent

Although the recognition factor gets higher as kids age, wouldn't you agree that it's far more sensible to curb the obesity epidemic from the start, especially since it's been found to lead to serious health risks at middle age which may indeed lower an American's average lifespan?

CDC Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, September 2, 2005: 848-849 Full Free Text Report

Psychology Today September 1, 2005

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