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The Commerce of Obesity

You'll very much want to read this insightful interview with Dr. Marion Nestle, one of this nation's leading experts in nutrition (whose name has popped up from time-to-time on my Web site) who understands all too well the commerce of obesity, meaning what processed food companies will do to sell their products at the expense of your health.

The interview began with an apology, of all things, from Dr. Nestle, because she felt bad about ignoring the vital link between agriculture and nutrition for far too long, which is more important than ever now with the rise in genetically modified foods.

In particular, Dr. Nestle isn't fond of most processed cereals that she calls sugary cookies -- chock full of marshmallows, chocolate and candy as well as extra sugar and flour -- that are "desserts in disguise."

She also slammed the most recent Food Pyramid, which hasn't been much of an improvement over previous models that emphasized a "one-size-fits-all" approach. In other words, a recipe for disaster!

Just another reason to remind you, if you haven't done it already, to take my free test to determine your body's unique nutritional type.

Health Lies Exposed September 11, 2005

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