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Beat Hypertension With Housework

You may recall a study I posted last year that found Chinese women who devoted a good portion of their day to housework lowered their risk of endometrial cancer by as much as 30 percent. You can also lower your blood pressure significantly by doing a wide range of household chores -- washing the car, doing yard work or cleaning the house -- according to a new study.

Some 30 patients (ages 42-63) were instructed to burn 150 calories over 12 hours by working around their homes. Patients also wore devices during this study that measured their blood pressure, activity and intensity.

Demonstrating that any kind of physical activity can be beneficial to your health, those who worked around their homes for four hours a day lowered their blood pressure for up to eight hours. Moreover, those with hypertension (a systolic reading of 140 mm Hg or higher) could lower their systolic blood pressure by almost 10 percent over eight hours.

It's truly amazing how such a simple thing such as ramping up your daily physical activity can do so many wonderful things, like the conditions listed below:

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