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Selling Fear and Sickness

The mega-drug companies have so bamboozled the public, cartoon characters like Digger, the "mascot" for Lamisil, are considered entertainment. It's just one of the many ways drug companies have made it easier and comfortable for you to accept whatever nonsense they claim in their ads is completely safe and completely true.

The flip side of that "promotional" coin -- the selling of fear based on spreadsheets and probabilities -- is the gist of this interesting piece, you'll want to read from the GoAnimal Web site (see free text link below).

As the definition of disease X expands ever so slightly -- all at the prompting of drug companies and with guidance from the FDA -- so does the market for designer drugs that may be completely worthless and dangerous for your health.

It's all part and parcel of the conventional medical machine designed to promote diseases rather than treat them. The ongoing mission of my Web site is to overturn this monopoly that's sickened America as well as the rest of the world, and show patients better, safer and far less expensive methods to treat their illnesses.

If conventional medicine truly worked the way it should, prescribing a drug for a disease condition would be one of many tools a physician would use, just not the only one...


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