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Using Contraceptives To Treat MS?

Because multiple sclerosis (MS) is such a devastating disease, it's no surprise conventional medicine will try just about anything that might make an impact. Even, according to a new study, oral contraceptives...

Harvard researchers found women taking contraceptives containing estrogen cut their risk of developing MS by almost half, which may seem like a relief to some of you (although some doctors have warned patients with a family history of the disease not to take them).

The truth, however, is far less rosy. Contraceptives merely delay the onset of MS for the short term. Over the long haul, women who used contraceptives at some time are about as likely to develop MS as those who didn't, according to researchers.

MS is an extremely challenging condition to treat, and taking "a one-stop cure" in the form of a drug, certainly won't do the trick. Your best bet is taking a multi-faceted approach that addresses a number of contributing factors. Here's a few you should consider:

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