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Agency Admits EMFs Can Sicken You

I've devoted numerous pages on my Web site to the dangers of electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation, particularly from cellular phone use and computer monitors. For the longest time, experts and government agencies have debated the damage one can sustain from EMF exposure. Sweden acknowledged this problem some five years ago, and the UK's Health Protection Agency (HPA) finally did the same earlier this week.

A HPA report, due for release next month, will recognize people can suffer muscle pains, nausea and headaches as a result of exposure to EMFs, and acknowledge electrosensitivity as a physical impairment, not a psychological one. This decision comes on the heels of a review of scientific information by the agency about EMFs.

Because an amazing 300,000 Swedes suffer from electrosensitivity, citizens there have received government assistance to retrofit their homes and offices with gas stoves and wall and window coverings designed to reduce exposure to these fields.

If you use a cellular phone connected to a headset, you'll want to consider ferrite beads I offer in my Web store that can lower your exposure to radio frequency radiation (RFR).

Timesonline.co.uk September 11, 2005

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