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GM Foods Take Spotlight In New Documentary

If you read my eHealthy News You Can Use newsletter with any regularity, you know about the blight of genetically modified (GM) crops and foods in this country, causing all sorts of potential disasters-in-the-making. I suspect many more of the doubters among us will begin to understand the real problem after viewing The Future of Food, Deborah Koons Garcia's sobering documentary.

The film devotes much of its attention to big business interests, particularly Monsanto, the international company ordered by a German court to release a report earlier this summer that documented terrible side effects in animals after eating its Mon 863 variety of corn.

The overarching theme of the piece is a familiar one, especially if you're a Baby Boomer like I am who has heard this jingle far too many times: It's not nice to fool with Mother Nature...

I haven't seen this one yet but it is on my to see list, as it is one of the first movies to document the problems of GM crops and foods. In addition to a two-week run in New York, the documentary will be shown in various locations across the country before its DVD release late this fall. I urge you to visit The Future of Food Web site to learn more about the movie and watch a promotional trailer.

Review this recent piece for some helpful tips on staying far, far away from GM foods.

New York Times September 14, 2005 Registration Required

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