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Hydrolyzed Whey Formula Protects Babies From Allergies

Mothers who are unable to breastfeed can use hydrolyzed casein or whey-based formulas to prevent their babies from developing food-based allergies, according to a review of studies.

Scientists analyzed studies that compared the impact of hydrolyzed formulas on infants at high-risk for allergies with that of breastfeeding, cow's milk, soy-based formulas or combinations of all three. In most instances, high-risk infants who drank hydrolyzed casein formulas or partially hydrolyzed whey formulas experienced a lower rate of food allergies for children up to age 5 than those fed cow's milk formulas.

Moreover, these formulas relieved symptoms in more than 90 percent of infants who are allergic to cow's milk. And, none of the studies researchers reviewed found any link between an increased risk of allergies in infants and using hydrolyzed formulas.

Using whey-based formulas may also help to reduce crying in colicky infants, according to a study I posted five years ago.

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MSNBC September 13, 2005

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