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Poor Eating Habits and Violence

Because what you eat affects your mental and physical health for the good and not-so-good, I thought you'd enjoy reading this excellent essay published in Ode (free text link below) about the link between healthy eating habits, better IQs and the evaporation of violence in social settings.

This awesome piece describes the many benefits that come from improved eating habits based on studies in a variety of locales:

  • A high school in rural Wisconsin.
  • Schools located in low-income sections of New York.
  • A men's prison in Great Britain.

Particularly telling was a lessening of violations, particularly violent infractions, for male prisoners (ages 18-21) given nutritional supplements along with their meals for four months.

So, if you've ever wondered why your kids get so hyper at school or a birthday party, think about all the junk they're exposed to or eating, and take better charge of their health and yours.

If you need help finding delicious alternatives your kids will love, I recommend reviewing recent articles by contributing editor and future naturopathic doctor Colleen Huber.

Ode Magazine Free Full Text Article

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