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Eating More Vegetables Lowers Pancreatic Cancer Risk

I remind you often how important it is to eat fresh raw vegetables, not just to promote good health, but to prevent cancer. Seems eating yellow and dark green veggies can also slash your risk in half of pancreatic cancer, possibly the deadliest form of the disease and certainly one of the hardest to treat.

Researchers compared the diets of more than 500 pancreatic cancer patients with some 1,700 randomly selected subjects, cataloging how many vegetables both groups ate over a year. Those who ate at least five servings a day halved their risk of pancreatic cancer versus patients who consumed two servings or less.

Among the vegetables linked to pancreatic cancer prevention: Carrots, onions, spinach, kale, broccoli and yams. Tomatoes and light green vegetables were less beneficial, but only slightly. Not surprisingly, cooked vegetables provide fewer benefits than raw ones.

Although pancreatic cancer is rare, it's almost always diagnosed in the advanced stages, and the survival rate is virtually nonexistent. Another risk factor for pancreatic cancer you can and should do something about: Diabetes.

Yahoo News September 16, 2005

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