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Splenda Invades The Cereal Market

After recent endorsements from PTO Today and the FDA, I'd been wondering what's up Tate & Lyle's sleeve next for sucralose, its harmful "anything-but-a-sugar" product better known around the world as Splenda. Look no further than the cereal aisle in your grocery store...

Tate & Lyle announced the launch of two "cereal ingredient solution sets" -- ENRICH 701 and ENRICH 702 -- during last week's meeting of the American Association of Cereal Chemists in Orlando. According to the press release, both "solution sets" contain 100 calories and "deliver good bowl life and a well-rounded base flavor profile complimentary of cereal grains."

Just reading the words solution sets when it comes to something you eat doesn't sound like anything you'd want to put in your mouth, does it?

Both products were formulated with an eye for the latest interest in whole grain products. Fact is, no matter what nutritional type your body falls into, your health would improve greatly by avoiding all grains, and even whole grains.

That doesn't take into account the array of health problems associated with consuming products containing sucralose. If you're at all skeptical about health issues surrounding this unnatural product, I strongly urge you to review the growing number of testimonials I've posted on my site.

PR Newswire September 12, 2005

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