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Less Mercury, PCBs But Far More Chemicals To Worry About

Last month, I reminded you about the toxic products that seem to surround us, including mercury and PCBs. An interesting research piece argues the state of pollution in the Great Lakes (free text link below) is getting a little better. But at what cost? An insightful quote from the piece sums up the problem pretty clearly:

"There are signs of improvement -- there is less mercury and fewer PCBs in the fish today than in the mid 1970s yet levels of contaminants have recently leveled off and new ones like PBDEs are being introduced all the time. We introduce 1,700 new chemicals into commerce each year, almost entirely untested for health and environmental effects."

And, even though mercury levels may have dropped slightly, a recent survey cited in the study found virtually all of the fish were so contaminated with mercury and PCBs, it recommended people limit their consumption to protect their health.

So much for good news, which is why I remind you often about where you're most likely to find the 10 most common toxins and suggestions on how to avoid them to protect your health and that of your family.

Rachel's Environment and Health News September 15, 2005 Free Full Text Article

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