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The Next Whole Grain Trend: Making Politically Correct Cookies

Late last week, Kraft Foods unveiled the latest ruse involving the debatable value of processed whole-grain foods: New versions of its Chips Ahoy, Fig Newtons and Wheat Thins, minus the trans fats and made from 100 percent whole grains.

Not surprisingly, Kraft's latest product launch was planned to coincide with a presentation at a conference on nutrition and obesity in California to demonstrate the processed food giant is concerned about the health of kids and their parents.

According to an informal test conducted by the New York Times, my favorite newspaper in the world, the new and improved Chips Ahoy tasted better than the original, less sweet and more nutty. But some experts, like me, are very skeptical about the value of these new cookies, especially since many people will be fooled into eating copious amounts of them just like they did Snackwells in the early 90s. Besides, low-fat content often doesn't equal low calories or nutritional value.

Folks, it's very easy to get confused about the mythical value of whole grains, just as I was in medical school. No matter what your nutritional type is, you shouldn't eat grains at all if you suffer from obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure or cholesterol problems.

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