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Why Aspirin Is So Dangerous To Your Health

An interesting study by Rice University researchers may go a long way toward explaining why aspirin -- especially in high doses -- causes dangerous side effects, including serious stomach and intestinal bleeding, pancreatic cancer, breast cancer and hearing loss.

Scientists determined salicylate -- an active substance found in aspirin -- weakens lipid membranes which disrupt the lining of the stomach, thereby failing to protect underlying tissue from the acidic contents of the gut. A similar mechanism can also interfere with the way prestin -- a protein critical for mammalian hearing -- works too.

Membranes exposed to physiological concentrations of salicylate were thinner, more permeable, easier to bend and more likely to rupture, said the study's co-author.

An interesting caveat to this study that should remind you to always pay attention to the messenger when it comes to anything involving your health: The study was co-sponsored by a Houston startup company looking to launch a reformulated version of ibuprofen, an over-the-counter pain reliever that's just as hazardous to your health.

Studies like this one are solid proof you should seek out safer, healthier solutions to relieve your pain.

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