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Get That Fluoride Out Of My Eggs!

With help from the Environmental Working Group and Beyond Pesticides, the Fluoride Action Network is challenging the safety of new EPA regulations that allow for greater concentrations of the fluoride-based pesticide sulfuryl fluoride in foods. The major concern: The new maximum legal limits for fluoride-based pesticides in foods set by the EPA far exceed the amount allowed in tap water.

For example, the maximum amount of fluoride allowed in powdered eggs (sad to say a third of this nation's eggs are eaten that way) is 900 parts per million (ppm), extremely close to the 1,000 ppm found in ordinary toothpaste.

The EPA set fluoride levels ranging from 5 ppm (cheese) up to 900 ppm (powdered eggs) based on a request from Dow AgroSciences that has expanded its use of sulfuryl fluoride to fumigate food processing facilities and storage areas.

One of my Web site's regular contributors, Dr. Paul Connett, points out how ironic it is that 11 EPA employee unions are calling for a moratorium on fluoridation, while its own pesticide division has authorized some of the highest fluorine tolerances in U.S. history.

Just one more reason to always consider the source -- remember the government has been telling you for decades how safe and beneficial fluoride is -- and do your homework, using the free resources available on my Web site.

Environmental Media Services September 21, 2005

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