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Katrina Lessons Will Save Thousands of Lives With Rita

Hurricane Rita has escalated to a category 5 and is headed towards Texas with wind speeds in excess of 170 mph and nearly 1.5 million people are evacuating.

The entire world witnessed the incredible ineptitude how post Katrina damage was managed. But one amazing thing about Americans is that we typically learn from our mistakes. It is ok to make mistakes as long as you learn from them. No one is perfect.

Here are the lessons that will likely save thousands of live with Rita:

  • Issue evacuation orders early — and help people get out.
  • Leave plenty of time to get out of town — and have a plan about where to go.
  • Have enough National Guard troops ready to go.
  • Get more help from the military in advance.
  • Close the most vulnerable hospitals, but try to keep others up and running.
  • Make sure officials and emergency workers can communicate with one another.
  • Let people bring their pets when they evacuate.

 USA Today September 22, 2005

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