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New Boss At The FDA

Perhaps, hinting of more bad news on the way, Dr. Lester Crawford resigned from the FDA unexpectedly and without comment last Friday, after being confirmed by the Senate just two months ago. To show you just how serious the federal government is about reforming the FDA -- or not -- Dr. Andrew von Eschenbach, already director of the National Cancer Institute, was appointed to succeed Crawford as acting director and claims to have "a 100 percent commitment" to both posts.

Is von Eschenbach an improvement over Crawford? Some believe von Eschenbach, a cancer survivor, may support relaxed standards on drug approvals, a big change from the current safety worries over toxic drugs like Vioxx.

Even worse has been von Eschenbach's highly debatable goal for the National Cancer Institute: Eliminating suffering and death due to cancer by 2015 due, in part, to new drugs.

Despite all of von Eschenbach's best efforts, however, cancer recently passed up heart disease as the leading killer of Americans, with 65 patients dying every hour of every day from it.

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New York Times September 25, 2005 Registration Required

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