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A Warm Hug From A Loved One Makes All the Difference

If you visit my Web site often, you probably realize, and very much appreciate, how positive emotions can prevent stress-related illnesses, and that your job can contribute to that overload if you let it. A simple thing, like a warm hug from a supportive spouse at the end of the work day, can make all the difference in lowering your blood pressure, according to Canadian researchers.

Researchers monitored the blood pressure of more than 200 health professionals, maintenance workers and visitors at the University of Toronto Health Sciences Center for a year. Patients ranged from ages 40-65, were employed and lived with a spouse or significant other prior to the study for six months. More importantly, none had been treated for high blood pressure.

Not surprisingly, those working in demanding jobs but with supportive spouses at home enjoyed a small drop in blood pressure levels over the length of the study. That's a significant finding, researchers say, because blood pressure readings tend to rise as people get older.

Fact is, you can't eliminate stress entirely, and you would not want to as if you did not have stress you would die. That said, you can provide your body with tools to compensate for the stress. Remember, the key isn't getting rid of the stress itself but adjusting your body's ability to tolerate it.

A most effective tool that will enable you to master that skill is the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), the energy psychology tool I use daily in my practice.

BBC News September 24, 2005

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