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Splenda's Newest Rival For Sucralose: NutraSweet

In the latest case of ''if you can't beat 'em, join 'em,'' NutraSweet is in talks with business interests in China and India to produce sucralose, better known to the rest of the world as Splenda.

Up to now, Splenda producer Tate & Lyle has held a tight hand on those patents due to mammoth demand for its "anything but a sugar" product, spurring shortages and lawsuits.

NutraSweet executives are looking to get a cut of the fake sugar action by investigating ways to produce sucralose without violating any Tate & Lyle patents. That's a problematic solution at best based on the opinion of business analysts who believe Tate & Lyle have positioned Splenda well, based on name recognition.

To blunt any more competition, Tate & Lyle expects to triple its output of Splenda by 2007, by spending $140 million to expand its existing U.S. manufacturing facility in southern Alabama near Mobile and building a second plant in Singapore.

If you have any doubt sucralose isn't good for you at all, despite all the marketing ploys to the contrary, please take a minute to review my comprehensive testimonials page first.

MSN Money September 25, 2005

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