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Panic Attacks, Depression Harm Your Mind And Body

Because negative emotions play a big part in your body's healing process, it's no wonder patients who suffer from panic attacks and depression also raise their risks of coronary heart disease exponentially.

A new study reviewed the medical histories of some 40,000 patients, culled from a database of 17 million patients maintained by 30 health care providers. Although the reasons coronary heart problems triggered by panic disorders or depression weren't identified, there's obviously strong links between them.

Patients suffering from panic attacks are nearly twice as prone to coronary heart disease while depression almost triples that risk.

Panic and anxiety disorders can be debilitating and severely affect your ability to perform everyday tasks. Unfortunately, most doctors almost reflexively resort to prescribing potentially toxic antidepressants as a form of treatment that don't provide any meaningful benefit.

A natural, safe and effective treatment that can make all the difference to your health and help you deal with panic attacks or depression is the Emotional Freedom Technique, the energy psychology tool I use daily in my practice.

Another wonderful tool you can use is meditation. Some people use it to promote spiritual growth or find inner peace, while others use it as a relaxation and stress-reduction tool.

Science Blog September 22, 2005

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