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Another Faulty Food Pyramid For Kids

Amid not nearly as much fanfare as its most recent pyramid scheme, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) launched its first food guidelines program yesterday for children, called MyPyramid For Kids.

Unlike the version released earlier this year by the USDA, the new kids-themed pyramid includes worksheets, a coloring page and, of all things, an interactive online game.

However, does this really help children and their parents make better food choices?

Although the program emphasizes more physical activity every day and patience in making healthy changes, the nutritional recommendations are generally the same as the recent version, meaning no true help to successfully combat the obesity epidemic that's gripping this country.

And, as the Center for Science in the Public Interest points out, none of the MyPyramid materials discourage kids from filling their little bodies with junk food and soft drinks. Not surprising to me at all, considering the USDA won't even enforce its own rules that prohibit schools from selling foods of minimal nutritional value.

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