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Flu Vaccines and Bioterrorism

As the days get shorter and cooler, I'm reading more chatter about the upcoming flu season, and the needless exposure to mercury associated with it. Can you imagine a new study about children passing the flu to their older siblings and adults may justify emergency room surveillance systems first considered to detect bioterrorism? Strange but true...

Researchers tracked the incidence of respiratory disease in 400,000 Massachusetts patients in emergency rooms, doctors offices and a managed-care organization. Researchers found preschoolers (ages 3-4) are usually taken to emergency rooms when they experience flu-like symptoms first. Often, that initial visit to the ER is related to more cases of the flu in older children within a month, according to the study.

Where bioterrorism comes into play: The study supposedly justifies the value of a surveillance system involving a sampling of emergency rooms that has been proposed for bioterrorism defense.

Just one more frightening example of the campaign of fear used by conventional medical "experts" to justify pushing useless and harmful flu vaccines chock full of mercury, on the public.

If you're not prepared for the next flu season, I strongly urge you to review my six safe and effective tips for avoiding the flu without a vaccine.

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