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Chris Rock On Drug Companies

In his hilarious stand-up routine, Chris Rock talks about the ubiquitous television drug commercials that ''keep naming symptoms till they get one that'' the viewer's got. Sometimes, he says, the ads don't even tell you what the pill does: "You see a lady on a horse or a man in a tub, and they just keep naming symptoms: 'Are you depressed?' 'Are you lonely?' 'Do your teeth hurt?'''

He adds that one commercial he saw went something like this: ''Do you go to bed at night and wake up in the morning?'' ''They got that one!'' he says.''I got that. I'm sick. I need that pill!''

This is so true and it is great that the social critics are acknowledging the obvious. The New York Times expands on Rock's hilarious routine in its review of the new book, Generation RX written by Greg Critser.

New York Times September 30, 2005 Registration Required

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