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Targeting School-Age Kids For Flu Vaccine To ''Protect'' The Elderly

Despite a ton of evidence to the contrary, conventional medicine will stop at nothing to justify its use of potentially deadly vaccines. Even this news piece from last weekend's Houston Chronicle (free text link below) cites references to studies showing ''no evidence vaccination reduces flu-related deaths or complications'' in children under age 2 and more studies showing, ''There was absolutely no decline in influenza-attributable mortality between 1980, when 15 percent of elderly were vaccinated, and 2000, when 65 percent of elderly were vaccinated.''

Vaccine advocates may have found an opening, however, based on a study some 15,000 Texas schoolchildren. Targeting older kids, rather than the very young or elderly, was credited with dramatically reducing the mortality rate among seniors who catch the flu.

Of course, what's really interesting is something the piece fails to mention: The lives of healthy people who are ruined by flu vaccine reactions. Toward the end of the article, the FluMist vaccine is pushed for healthy kids and adults, even though it's a live viral vaccine squirted up your nose that definitely has its own set of risks.

It is absolutely incomprehensible to me the CDC still goes on to maintain ''that vaccination is the best way to protect children younger than 2 and people age 65 years and older from flu and its complications.'' (Think about this the next time you are asked to follow another arcane CDC vaccine policy that pretends to protect your health.)

The best protection against bad medicine is keeping up with the latest news and research I provide free to you on my Web site.

If you want to learn more about why vaccinations are so useless for infants, I urge you to review this new report on the Red Flags Web site (free text link below).

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