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Even Bagged Salads Can Be Hazardous To Your Health

Yesterday's FDA recall of pre-cut, bagged salads made by Dole Food is just another good reminder to stay away from processed foods, even those that may appear to do your health some good.

Three different Dole salad products -- Classic Romaine, American Blend and Greener Selection -- sold in a Minnesota grocery store chain were linked to an E. coli outbreak that's sickened 12 people. Although establishing how the problem occurred is tough, Minnesota officials believe every E. coli case may be linked to one specific genetic type of lettuce.

That could be especially bad news for producers of bagged salads as well as restaurants and grocery stores.

  • Sales of pre-cut salads hit the $4 billion mark in this country last year.
  • Almost a quarter of all salads in America are made from bagged lettuce.

An interesting sidenote that might explain one of the reasons behind this problem: Dole requires bagged lettuce to be washed three times, including twice in chlorinated water.

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