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New Mad Cow Regs Aren't Enough

Another sign the FDA is only interested in protecting big business at the risk of your health: A number of experts are blasting the agency's latest regulations to stop the spread of mad cow disease.

Seems the new rules aren't as strict as those proposed by the FDA more than a year ago, but never adopted. Originally, the agency wanted to prohibit the use of cow blood, restaurant plate waste and poultry litter in cattle feed.

Now, cattle feed would be banned from including brains and spinal cords, tissues where mad cow disease can linger in cows older than 30 months. But the new rules still allow other farm animals -- chickens and pigs -- to be fed that same disgusting (and quite possibly infectious) mix of materials, which has critics justifiably up in arms because cows can be exposed to that feed anyway.

If you want to know more about the gory details, and what passes for 'good and safe food,' please review the news links below.

Just another reason you should be eating grass-fed beef rich in higher conjugated linoleic acid (CLA).

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