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Staying Away From Processed Meats Lowers Your Cancer Risks

There's been a number of studies popping up lately about pancreatic cancer, one of the more terrible forms of the disease and among the hardest to treat. You may elevate your risk of this deadly disease if you eat high amounts of processed meats.

Based on a study of more than 190,000 patients, those who ate the highest amounts of processed meats increased their risk of pancreatic cancer by an alarming 68 percent. And those who ate the most red meat and pork were 50 percent more prone to pancreatic cancer compared to those who consumed the least.

Researchers suspect, as I do, the culprit isn't meat itself, just the way it's prepared and where it comes from.

That's why the key here is to find the right meat to eat and cook it properly. It's best to avoid most commercial meats whenever possible, as these usually come from grain-fed cattle that are chock full of hormones, antibiotics and preservatives.

And, certain cooking methods, like charbroiling or barbecuing, can create potent cancer-causing substances like heterocyclic amines too.

One more reminder: The amount of meat you eat should be governed by your body's unique nutritional type.

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