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Want To Lower Your Alzheimer's Risk By 60 Percent?

Earlier this year, I told you why exercise works to fight Alzheimer's disease by altering the way damaging amyloid precursor proteins reside in the brain. A new Swedish study has found regular exercise at middle-age -- at least twice a week -- can cut one's odds of Alzheimer's by 60 percent.

Even better, people who had a genetic predisposition to Alzheimer's and dementia enjoyed the biggest benefits from exercise.

Researchers studied the health of some 1,500 seniors (age 65-79) whose physical activity had been monitored over 15 years (1972-1987), then reexamined patient data about a decade later. Those who stayed active at mid-life and exercised vigorously twice a week lowered their risk of dementia significantly.

The most common forms of exercise among the study group: Walking and biking.

Just a reminder exercising twice a week may help you avoid Alzheimer's, but not make much of an impact if you need to lose a serious amount of weight.

The Lancet Neurology October 4, 2005

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