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Will Splenda's Misleading Sugar Claims Be Challenged In The Courts?

Already busy with his lawsuit against the makers of potato chips and French fries, California Attorney General Bill Lockyer may soon lock horns with Splenda manufacturer McNeil Nutritionals, if two state-based consumer groups have anything to say about it.

The California Alliance for Consumer Protection and Consumers First sent a joint letter late last month to Lockyer in hopes he will investigate claims that a series of ads specifically replaced the word sugar with Splenda, leading consumers to believe the latter is a natural substance.

This campaign is merely the latest effort in the growing cry for health officials at the state and federal level to take action against McNeil's false claims. Fact is, Splenda is made from combining sugar molecules with a chlorine chemical similar in many respects to DDT! Does that sound at all natural to you?

Despite all the hard evidence of the harm that artificial sweeteners like Splenda and aspartame can do, it hasn't slowed down other companies, including NutraSweet, from jumping on the gravy train.

One more reason you should always question the message and the messenger, especially when it comes to your health and that of your family...

PR Newswire September 23, 2005

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