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Alternative Treatments Bring Relief to Breast Cancer Patients

Another sign more people are beginning to appreciate the value of alternative medicine in this country: Late-stage breast cancer patients receiving chemotherapy found relief when they turned to reflexology.

Researchers at Michigan State University's (MSU) College of Nursing tested three therapies -- reflexology, reminiscence therapy and guided imagery -- on breast cancer patients over eight weeks to determine which one helped women the most.

Patients stuck with reflexology, a specialized method of massage that relieves nervous tension through the application of finger pressure (especially to the feet), to help them better adjust to chemotherapy.

The benefits researchers observed when reflexology was used on patients:

  • Decreased depression and anxiety
  • A renewed spirituality
  • An improved emotional quality of life

Just a reminder, reflexology is only one many effective alternative strategies for relieving the emotional pain that comes with cancer. I urge you to consider the Emotional Freedom Technique, the completely non-invasive energy psychology I use daily in my practice.

EurekAlert October 6, 2005

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