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Fight Obesity By Sleeping

A growing number of studies have linked our 24/7 lifestyles -- chock full of work, commitments, e-mail and other distractions -- to a lack of sleep that's had a devastating effect on our nation's health.

An interesting Washington Post piece (free text link below) reviews some of these recent findings, including a new study that found adults between ages 32-49 who sleep the least (less than seven hours each night) are far more prone to gain weight and become obese.

Strangely, some medical experts dispute this link, including one quoted in the article who claimed Americans ''are getting healthier'' and calling those who are justifiably concerned about poor health and sleep debt ''Chicken Little people.''


Apparently, those on the side of conventional medicine just don't understand or accept the contribution leptin makes to this problem. If you want to get up to speed on leptin, I urge you to review this on diabetes and obesity and how leptin links both of those disease states.

Meanwhile, you have plenty of safe and natural options at your disposal on my Web site to increase the quality and quantity of your sleep -- without the need for a potentially toxic drug -- by reading my extensive Guide to a Good Night's Sleep.

Washington Post October 9, 2005

MSNBC October 9, 2005

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