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The Cure For Dry Eyes

It's good to see conventional medicine is finally appreciating the benefits of fish oil to your health in relation to fighting depression, inflammation and Alzheimer's.

A recent Harvard study identified an interesting new advantage for those who consume high amounts of foods rich in omega-3 fats: Women who ate the most lowered their chances of dry eye syndrome as much as by 68 percent. Conversely, those who ate a higher ratio of omega-6 fats versus omega-3 fats doubled their odds of dry eye syndrome.

Dry eye syndrome, a condition suffered by some 10 Americans, is usually caused by a problem with the quality of the tear film that lubricates the eyes. Conventional treatment options may include surgical intervention (punctal plugs inserted into tear ducts) or eye medicines.

My lone concern with this study: Women got most of their omega-3s from eating fish, which would be a near-perfect food if they weren't so contaminated with mercury.

That's why I so strongly advocate consuming a high quality fish or cod liver oil daily. But you may not know how to select the best one for your health. That's why I've created a special page full of links that can answer most of your questions about the many benefits of consuming a high quality fish oil and recommend the best product available.

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