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The Season For Heart Attack Deaths Just Around the Corner

It's amazing how medical researchers have been able to use the calendar to predict mortality rates based on a given criteria, like, for example, being given the wrong prescription medication. Perhaps, it's shouldn't come as a surprise to you that a Duke University study found more patients who suffer from a heart attack in December are more likely to die from it that same month than any other during the year.

What may disturb you: Those numbers held up even after cold weather, variances in the quality of medical care and understaffing during the year-end holidays were taken into account.

Based on data collected on some 128,000 Medicare patients over two years, almost 22 percent of the patients admitted to a hospital for a heart attack died in December, compared to 20 percent during the rest of the year.

Fortunately, you have plenty of free resources available on my Web site to reduce your risk of heart disease significantly. In fact, one of the most effective treatments of them all -- exercise -- costs nothing more than your time.

That said, don't focus solely on exercise at the expense of eating the right foods (ideally based on your body's unique nutritional type), as the two go hand-in-hand in helping you achieve optimal health.

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